My Lady

Foreign Land

Poetry is a music a rhythm if u follow the rules u will love it so take a glass of wine or a cigarette and read it smoothly slowly lovely that’s it.

To this breezing wind of Arabian sea
I gave my eternity, carried her part
Thinking, someday sometime it will reach up to her
As like this rain, came from her Arabian

The wind and waves took my part
To that foreign land, Arabia
As a gift of silence to cover my part

Maybe one day she may receive
I hope, In her deep silence to carry my part 
And a look back if she will make
Into her memories widening race

A lonely soul is still waiting near the bay
Not able to cross, the Arabian kites
A lonely soul is still waiting near the bay
Not able to cross, the Arabian kites

To My Lady With Love

Indian Street Writer

4 thoughts on “Foreign Land”

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