My Lady

Soulful Nights

Poetry is a music a rhythm if u follow the rules u will love it so take a glass of wine or a cigarette and read it smoothly slowly lovely.

I remember you, In those soulful nights 
When you are here, inside me
As a rising fragment of first rain
From the earth my dear

Under the glossy shine of full moon 
sweeping its light as tears of hope 
That is never going to come home i know. 

I know i can’t touch the stars 
There in the sky, blinking apart
But my rum of this summer 
Had it, to feel the tremor 
Pushed me into an imagination 
Where i got you, for my whole life 
For all weathers including this summer………..

In my home i can see……… be Continued….

To My Lady With Love

Indian Street Writer

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