My Lady


Poetry is a music a rhythm if you follow the rules u will love it. So take a glass of wine or a cigarette and read it smoothly slowly lovely.

Wind in pace
Water with laze
Moved it’s self

I hailed down my fumes
Deep down it roomed
A face
A shape
Crystal and clear
In Lake

Surface of water
Her face
In Black water

Surface of water
Brown eyes
Deep there in water

Surface of water
your face
I still remember,
There in lake water

Moved my palms
To touch the water
Gentle and lentil
No harm in water

Broken dreams 
Took a shape
Fluctuating water 
Colored lake

Waves took her away
As sleeves of past
Went to a way
To never come back

Her face
My ways
Took unknown shape
Unknown race
Swept away
With some sleeves of lake
Some sleeves of lake
Sleeves of lake

Indian Street Writer

To My Lady With Love

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