The Stars

Poetry is a music a rhythm if u follow the rules you will love it, so take a glass of wine or a cigarette and read it smoothly slowly & lovely.

Those stars
Will come closer one day, Again
As when it happened
On the day, when the Jesus was born
In Bethlehem

 God of the star
The holy spirit
Will send us the angels
The messengers
Like Jesus and John
Came over the earth

Before or after in time 
One day, Again
Another start will come closer
Who gifted this earth
The Prophet
Our Mohammad
In Petra

Many other stars may have come closer and went
Gifting us various civilization over the earth
A pattern of life
As religion

(A Poetry for star beings.)

Indian Street Writer
Bangalore, India


On The Streets

Poetry is a music a rhythm if u follow the rules ypu will
love it so take a glass of wine or a cigarette and read it
smoothly slowly lovely.

Born in black
I squeezed for the white milk
From an unknown Breast
On the streets
I was a month old as a feast (0-1)

I balanced my feat
Raised my hands for a treat
But nobody was there
To give me a warm great
She left me alone
With my future on the streets
But three year old that was least (1-3)

Streets took me to seek
To play hide and seek
I found some nomads
To roll down the tire on the streets
In the circus was the food as a fees
And for the people age six was sweet (3-6)

Cool breeze chilled our finger
White fog took shelter in the winter
Some were our torn clothes trendy in summer
Become first door to enter
We shivered on the streets
To stick to each other was least
Any how we have to pass the time
Because morning is going to gift us a warm shine

But we will find a place
Where we will beg for a sake
Can get some coins with woolen
From the rich people who pray in heaven
And I will sleep with the age of nine
On the streets as lion (6-9)

Run run common fast on the streets
Said an ugly face to mugly face
Huge traffic is there to knock the door
Where I raised the voice as headline as a choice
If u need to know come and grab the voice

Mesmerizing to the god in each festive size
Something should happen somewhere
As I need to sell info with gear
So that at least today we can fulfill our hunger
As this age of eleven is not a big wonder (9-11)

Someone on the streets
Said we need to be protected
For the future of east
They took us to orphanage
Where everything was fine
With a show peace and a show time

Someone on the streets
Said we need to be protected more
For the future of east
So they took us to home
Where emotion was the trade mark
How much work we have to do
In the absence of the lady
Was a big question mark?

They took us as a dirty blood
As the real blood went to school
And we were left in the kitchens
Where broom act as a hunter
In each summer and winter

Blood shreds from the sky
Where each corner tells me to cry
For god sake I need my streets again
To hug my mother for a rain
As this age of fourteen
Is giving me unbearable pain
I need my streets again

I need my streets again

On the streets again……haaaa (14)

The innocent faces of human beings are children. As we got everything in our childhood but some children are ill-fated because they live in the streets and they don’t have anyone to support. I believe they are in lost tracks, so we are the people who need to support them to get them in the right direction. Now if next time a child beg in front of you don’t hesitate, just give them as much as you can. If our life is perfect, can’t we help them too with a little bit of effort in our own way to safeguard their life?

Indian Street Writer