Hay!! Hello, welcome to my blog, hope you doing well. My pen name is Indian Street Writer, living in Bangalore India. As part of my hobby, I write street poetry and articles based on people and their attitude over the streets. If I explain more about my blog. The content is more about the inter bonding or a relationship developed between the people and the atmosphere over the streets. See for example we all travel in everyday life. It can be a city to city, home to market, office to home or anywhere. During this time towards so-called “somewhere”, we pass by multiple streets watching a lot of things happening around. From this lot of things I pick up the most exceptional one and try to develop something out of it. It can be poetry or an article or may a story. To get the real work done I give a deep dive over the characters and try to recompose the situation again with full emotion by a transformation.

So here in this blog, you can find a variety of poetries and articles related to life, spirituality, travel, love, children, food and much more. I hope you will love it, if you do, please leave a comment. I will be happy to hear from you.

Thank You

Indian Street Writer

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